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Ihr Lieben,

in den letzten Wochen habe ich meinen Blog überarbeitet und bei der neuen Gestaltung habe ich mir ein paar Gedanken zu meinem Blog gemacht. Da ich zunehmend auch Leser aus anderen Ländern habe, schreibe ich heute auf Englisch, denn hier geht es um das, was man hier finden kann, eine Art Übersicht sozusagen. Die Folgeposts gibt’s weiterhin auf Deutsch, versprochen!

Dear friends,

you may have noticed that my blog has seen some re-organizing during the last weeks. My new header is online and I’ve changed the coloring scheme. To me there was an urgent need to do something new here since I wasn’t really happy with the header that I had created. Moreover my stats had changed in the meanwhile and it wasn’t up-to-date anymore.

Thinking about a new face for my blog made me realize that I wanted my blog to look a little bit more colorful but also simpler. It’s the content that counts not the wrapping, isn’t it? And you may have noticed that my style has drifted from the white only to a more colorful interior scheme. The twins’ room used to be the only room that had some color added to the white and wood and I realized that this was the color scheme I wanted for our whole home. It became more and more obvious to me that I had to add bright colors to the white background to make our house the home, we all feel happy and comfortable in.

Having changed the blog so far it was the time to add some information about this blog, about the person behind it and about this blog’s content. In the course of finding blogs one wants to read, it’s important to see what these blogs are dealing with, don’t you agree? If I’m looking for kids’ room decor I wouldn’t browse food blogs, would I? So that’s why I’ve added an About-Page for everyone to have an overview of what to expect reading this blog. Those of you who have followed me for some time may not need it, that’s true. Whenever I’m looking for new blogs to get inspired I consider it as a great help though, if people summarize what their blog is all about. It helps me to find the blogs I want to follow more easily.

Making it easier for blog readers to see wheher this blog covers their interest is last but not least the aim of this About-Page. I called it “What to expect” in order to stress that this is supposed to be a summary of my content. And for all of you lovely people out there who have been reading my blog for quite a while, it’s another little insight into my view of life.

Hope you enjoy reading it. I’m always happy if you leave a comment telling me you do, because nice comments are the writer’s applause.

To cut a long story short, here is what FrauSchmitt is all about.

Enjoy and have a great day!
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