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Hallo in das weltweite Netz. Der Urban Interior Blog ist endlich online. Und hier erzähle ich euch, warum ihr ihn unbedingt lesen solltet. Ein Grund schon vorab: Das ist mein Herzensding und ich freue mich darauf, hier auf dieser Plattform mit euch viele tolle Ideen zu teilen, die das Leben noch schöner machen. 3 handfeste Gründe lest ihr nach dem Klick…

Hi everyone. This is not only a blog about interiors, it covers a lot more. The name says it all: It’s all about urban interiors, urban lifestyle and the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city. The question arises why you should read this blog, maybe you don’t even live in the city and don’t need good tips of how to live well and cope with the disadvantages.
Well, let me tell you, I’m writing this blog because I love city life, it’s vibrant and offers a lot of distraction from everyday life. City architecture is another topic I’m covering, I love the mixture of old buildings and modern architecture in big cities and I’ll show you the beauty of it. Escape your current moment by reading the stories and looking at the pictures.

REASON ONE: Take a rest from what you are doing and enjoy a journey to a place you don’t know or which you think you know, read stories that inspire you to become active and possibly change something in your life or in your home for the better. Wouldn’t that be fun? Seriously: I will take you on a virtual journey to other peoples’ places. Each of them offers something special that I want to share with you. I’ll show you beautiful bars, cafés and shops which I love for a special reason. This will be an escape from the routine when there is no time to discover places yourself. Working moms sometimes lack time to spend on their own away from home. Having taken benefit from different inspiring blogs myself when my kids were smaller and more dependent on me, I now want to share some beautiful distraction myself. And of course I’ll share many beautiful blogs which I love, to boost you with inspiration and good vibes.

REASON TWO: This blog will mostly deal with interiors in city homes. You will find lots of inspiring interior ideas that you can easily adapt for your own place. Let’s join here on the blog and think a little bit outside the box. With the help of this blog you will get ideas to style and decorate your home in a creative way, I’ll show you ideas that you can apply to give your home your personal touch. Moreover I’ll explain concepts to you and lead you in a direction to evolve your own interior style. I’ll show you ideas to steal from art museums, galleries or shops I like. I’m sure you’ll find something you would want to have in your home.

REASON THREE And last but not least: I love writing and sharing ideas. I hope you’ll like the stories that go with the apartments and places I share. Furthermore you will find motivational posts here as well, because sometimes we’re all a little bit unmotivated, aren’t we?

Convinced? I hope you are. And I’m very much looking forward to an amazing journey together with you here on the blog.




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    1. März 2017 at 21:48

    Wie schön, deinen Blog entdeckt zu haben :-)! Ich bin sehr gespannt auf deine Artikel, für Wohninspiration bin ich immer zu haben :-).
    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße aus London

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    10. Juli 2017 at 9:40

    Liebe Steffi, das ist ja mal richtig, richtig schön geworden, dein Blog! Macht richtig Laune zu stöbern und ist wunderschön! Du bist in meiner Favoritenleiste!
    Liebest Grüße aus Köln.

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