White walls: Gorgeous interiors on a blank canvas

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Hello friends, what do you think about white walls at home? Clean and clear – super – or do you think it looks boring and is a no go for you. Do you prefer color at home or love the trend of gray walls that has been observed in the interior community for quite some time? White walls need not be boring, they are not just for those who love the all-white interior decor. White walls as a basis for home decor opens the room for so many creative ideas. In this post I am going to show you a few examples that might make you want to repaint your colored walls white.


example 1 –

White walls are like a blank canvas which you can design the way you feel. Look at this old barn, that has become a home with white walls that support the brightness of the space. Colorful Persian rugs have occurred a lot in the social media community recently. For a good reason, I think, they add perfectly to the otherwise monochrome feel of white painted walls. A hardwood floor adds warmth to the room while sliding doors add a rustic element which reminds of the building’s past. Plants are another element that spruce up a space with a little bit of color. And doesn’t every piece of this home have its own impact due to the white wall background? If the walls were a different color they would distract the view from the interior. White walls as a background support every single piece of furniture or decor in its own appearance while all of them together make up the room. It’s like every single piece of decor adds to the painting if we want to go back to the image of the blank canvas.

clean and pure home with artsy elements

example 2 –

Add some pops of color, which you can easily exchange for other pieces, if you feel like it. Persian rugs, for example add color and texture than all-white home. it doesn’t take more than a few colored books in shelves to make your home look lived in. I’ve spotted a lot of rattan in interiors lately, which is a perfect material to add warmth to a home with white walls, as much as wooden decor. A beautiful vase with branches on a piece of furniture, a plant and / or a bunch of flowers count up to cosiness.

This is Mandy’s home in Australia. If you love it just as much as I do, check out her instagram for more interior inspiration.

example 3 –

Every piece of decoration, a plant, a wooden box, no matter what it is, stands out on a white wall. Design a collection of beautiful accessories, which have a special meaning to you and play around decorating. On a blank canvas, i.e. on a white wall each piece will have an impact on its own, and another one as being a part of a group of collected items.

Whenever you’re up for a change of decor, you can easily exchange the accessories without having to paint the wall a different color.


Interiors @lisadawson

example 4 –

Art on white walls makes a great impact. Just look at this example: Every detail counts in this home. And that’s due to the white walls that don’t distract the view from everything displayed here. Lisa Dawson has such an inspiring home and she shares it together with lots of other interior inspiration on different channels.

An art wall, as in the picture below, is a very creative way of styling your own home. White walls are the perfect blank canvas for your very own and personal collection of photos, memories, art, jewelry, you name it, your options are endless.

Artwall decorating white walls

example 5 – (below)

Create your own urban jungle on a blank canvas. This is your perfect backdrop from a stressful day at work, don’t you agree? What I personally love about this setting is, it’s calming or invigorating, depending on the feeling you desire.

jungle on a blank canvas




and if you are not convinced, yet …

White walls make every home appear lighter and cleaner. Add to the brightness with mirrors placed opposite a window, on the mantlepiece or even as a mirror gallery on your chosen wall and you’ll achieve double the effect.

Hey wait, there are cons, too !!!

cons –

I’ve spotted some gorgeous wallpaper in interiors lately. Some companies have been very creative in putting some very beautiful designs in the market. I was smitten, when I saw this room when we did house sitting in Vermont last year. Check out a tour of Desha’s home here and here .

a creative workspace sweet spot style

I could never un-restrictively say no to a beautiful wallpaper. The trick here is to paper only one wall or even just one length of a wall with wallpaper. That’s also a very good idea for rentals as you can remove it easily when moving out. 

What do you think of white walls? Could I inspire you do go for a blank canvas? Do you prefer to wallpaper a whole room? What are your reasons? I’m excited to hear.

x, Stephanie

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